Looking into moving back, requesting input...


Dec 8, 2008
Hello all!

I'm a soon-to-be licensed elementary educator (finishing my Masters in May) and found a job listing for the American school in Bs. As. that I am considering applying for. No, it's not an English teaching job, as I've read horror stories about finding work doing that.

I was an exchange student for a year in Gran Bs. As. (San Miguel area) about 10 years ago when I was in high school and loved the culture, the city, the people, and pretty much everything about living there, save the cost of internet at the time. In fact, I cried half the way from Ezeiza to Miami when I left because I loved it there so much and didn't want to return to the States. Unfortunately, my seemingly eternal schooling has prevented me from returning to the country that I consider to be my second home since leaving in June of 1999, and because of the cost of student teaching I won't have the funds to make a trip down there before submitting my resume.

The worry that I have about applying for this job is the uncertainty about how much things have changed down there since I was last in Argentina. I know the economic crisis in 2002 caused a huge shift in income and it became a completely different place, but I also understand that there has been some recovery since then. My question is for those who have lived in Bs. As. since at least 1998-1999, or those who lived there back then and have moved back. How much have things really changed in the way of daily living? Would you recommend moving back? I know this is a very subjective question, but any insight would be helpful.

Thanks in advance for your advice.

I would recommend you to go back and live again in Argentina.
Argentina is doing better these days, however if youre going to do that,
be sure that you have arranged a job before going:)
The people are great as you know in Argentina, and its still beautifull.
I live in Amsterdam (Europe) and in Buenos Aires:)
Good luck!
Do I understand that you may work at Lincoln School in La Lucila? If so, they will pay you an international salary and you will teach the kids of very wealthy people who have little, if any, idea of the hard reality of life for most people in the country. You will have a good salary and superior working conditions, so why worry? You will be living in a bubble!