looking to meet people


Jul 15, 2008
Chau! I just moved here a few days ago and would like to meet some new people. Anyone interested in lunch/dinner/drinks sometime? I'm 28, American. I'm in BA to teach English, learn Spanish, and have some fun :)
Suerte, Emily
Hi Emily,My name's Anna. I'm 27, from Sweden. I'd like to meet up with you for a drink or a coffee. Perhaps sometime later this week?Let me know,
Hi all, I just arrived in BA today. I'm 27, from Singapore. Would love to meet up sometime soon! Let me know of any plans, thanks!
Hi all.

We just arrived 5 weeks ago.
We are a couple with a boy (38/40/4 years old) and we do live in "Palermo Sentimental" (near to Soho and the "Alto Palermo").

Anyone up for having LATE BREAKFAST or COFFEE together some day during the week or weekends?
Couples with kid/s, couples or singles? So anyone ;-)

Would be great to meet & chat with some of you !
Hi, I arrived to BA few weeks ago from Poland (25) and as well as some other people would like to meet up some time.So... how about some drinks next week? ;)CheersBasia
Just a reminder for tomorrow's meeting.
"Palermo-Couple", I got your message and I'll be there, but it seems like this gathering needs some advertising! Who's coming????
Yep, we'll be there tomorrow !

Marion. Would you like to post here where and at what time also for other readers who might be interested to join us ?