Looking to meet some fellow expats, make some new friends


Dec 17, 2007
My Argentine wife and I just moved down here 6 weeks ago. We finally have a permanent apartment but we're still waiting for our stuff to get through customs. Some of the furniture we bought down here is finally starting to arrive though:)
I have a few argentine friends down here, but I'd like to get to know some other folks. I heard about Shoeless Joe's Alamo Bar, I'll go check that out, any other ideas? I'm a middle-aged American who grew up in Boston and central Texas, I've lived all over the US. I love traveling, good food, excellent wine, and all sorts of music. I'm a computer security expert and operate a small business from wherever I happen to find Internet access. I'm nearly fluent in Spanish and my wife's English is pasable, we have a 3 year old daughter who's bilingual. I'd love to learn about family oriented activities as well as adult stuff. Any good poker games going on? Anyone started a supper club?
Hi, maybe this is not what you´re looking for right away but this Wednesday LIFE ARGENTINA could use some help. We need volunteers for a Children event on Wednesday 19. See the transcript below. Please feel free to join as we´re in need of many volunteers. Thank you!

Dear Volunteers,
We need urgent help to finish up with the preparations for the Christmas party taking place on Wednesday, December 19th.
More community centers signed up to bring their children and we have nearly 2,000 confirmed. For this reason we bought more presents and need to wrap them!! There are about 500 presents to wrap in less than 24 hours!! Feel free to join us according to your avaialbility so we can get this done and finished throughout tomorrow Tuesday.

We also need help from male volunteers to help set up the stage we will use in Parque Roca. Meeting time for this will be 12:30 noon at the office. Ending around 6 p.m. Public Transport with Juanjo who knows the place and what needs to be done.

Please confirm if you can help out!! Give us a call or come by the office. Thank you!!

M.Victoria Ferrero Allende [email protected]
Directora de Relaciones Institucionales
L.I.F.E. Argentina www.lifeargentina.org
Peña 2121 C1116ABB (NOT Rodriguez Peña)- Ciudad de Buenos Aires

Of. +54-11-4806-0640 Cel. +54-911-6359-2330 / Cel. local 156 359 2330
Hello, I am also am expat with an Argentine wife, and an 11 yr old stepson, I have lived here about 3 years but only know a couple other expats with families. If you would like to meet sometime we can be reached at [email protected]