Madonna posponed


Sep 6, 2007
Is it really true they have changed all the dates of Madonna?

We have tickets for tonight and apparantly now will be going on Friday?

Does anyone know why?

Thanks appreciate your comments.

South America strikes even Madonna!

Por fa-f***ing-vor!
Yes. It's true. Anyone need tickets for Monday? I have a friend who can't go then.
So tonight is postponed to Friday or Monday?? Heard reports of both.

Thanks everybody for your replies, much appreciated!

You are right, tonight's show is on Friday. They have also moved Saturday's show to Monday.

Tickets for Wednesday, December 3 will be valid for Friday, December 5

Tickets for Thursday, December 4 will be valid for Thursday, December 4

Tickets for Saturday, December 6 will be valid for Monday, December 8

Tickets for Sunday, December 7 will be valid for Sunday, December 7

Announcement at Ticketek:
Well that explains the super long line outside TicketTek in Belgrano when I was walking around that neighborhood today. I couldn't figure out what was going on--it was a mob scene.
..... Her sound equipment didn't arrive on time? Wow, I would think that would be a major plus when it comes to a Madonna concert these days :^)

IMO her last 3 or 4 albums have been pretty close to pathetic. RAY OF LIGHT was her last excellent album (and that was an EXCELLENT album, full of serious grown up topics), sadly, all down hill since then I'm afraid....