Mark Rush


Jul 18, 2005
Hello my name is mark Rush and I'am retired! I plan to spend a year in Buenos Aires studying Spanish. I have rented an apartment in the Recoleta area for a three month period. I'am going to arrive in Buenos Aires on 8/01/2005. I hope to live off of my retirement income of $2000.00 per month for this time period.I would also like to see if I can obtain a student visa for this time period.Any Information that you can furnish on these matters will be very helpfull!!!
My guess is that to get a student visa you need to be enrolled into an accredited university (such as UBA) and apply through them.It may be easier to stay on a tourist visa and alternate between extending the visa and visiting neighboring Uruguay every 3 months.
I want to thank you very much for this information. But I still have a few more questions. For example how many times can I use this three month travel to another country,because I plan to spend a year in Buenos Aires. Also if I can obtain a student visa I can then apply for an DNI number. I would need to have this number in order to open a bank account in Argentina and also I think it would help in renting an apartment for the balance of my stay in argentina. Also I have a friend in Buenos Aires could I use her DNI number to open a bank account. I do plan to enroll in a university study program and study spanish for the time that I'am in Buenos Aires. Again thank you for all your help.
You dont need a DNI number to rent a house nor do you need one to open a bank account.
All you need is a passport for both.
You do however need a CUIL number to get a job.
As of right now there are no limits on how many times you can enter Argentina without returning to home your country and there are no specific time requirements on how long you have to be out of the country before the reentry. There are people who have lived here for years on tourist visa making trips to Uruguay every 3 month. (This situation can change, naturally).

Having a DNI number and/or local bank account does not help you to rent an apartment in any way. See this thread about renting an apartment for a reference. You can withdraw money from ATM machines using your debit card from US bank. There are third party payment processors like Pago Facil with customer service centers practically everywhere. You can pay your utility bills there. Cash is widely accepted as a preferred form of payment (landlords and universities accept cash too). And in a very rare case when you absolutely have to pay something at the bank, you can just go there and pay cash.
"sadclown" said:
You dont need a DNI number to ... open a bank account.

It is possible to open a local savings (but not checking) account without a DNI. Just in your everyday life you can manage without having local bank account at all.
unless you have a job seeing as you need a bank account where they can deposit your salary.
Dear Mark Rush,
You didnt happen to be an econoics professor at the university of florida, did you? If you and that Mark Rush are one in the same, I took your class. Otherwise, ive confused you and youre wondering why Im wasting your time. My apologies. -andy d.