Married to Argentine and my Federal Taxes

NYKate said:
He already has a tourist visa. The state dept. explained that it made no sense to apply for a K-1 because we will not be living in the U.S. We plan on living in BsAs. Which leads me to get all of my paperwork together - FBI background check etc- probably after I'm married as I will have to have it done with my married name.

Regardless of what the State Department told you, it is very important what exactly your fiance says to US immigration when he enters the US to get married. DO NOT under any condition mention that he plans to marry in the US. Particularly that he intends to marry a US Citizen while in the US. US immigration officials will interpret this as meaning that he is entering the US under the auspices of temporary tourist, all the while he is intending to remain in the US permanently - a misrepresentation of intent and subject to a ban on entry to the US. There is no way you can conclusively prove that he actually is only in the US temporarily. The situation of someone entering the US as a tourist, then marrying a US citizen, and applying for a green card is something that US immigration officials are constantly suspicious of and looking to deny entry for. BE VERY CAREFUL.

You fiance should not approach the US immigrations officer with you. You fiance should say " I am here to visit my friend in XX city". Say nothing about the wedding. He should say nothing about having a fiance. He should say nothing about having a girlfriend.
NYKate said:
probably after I'm married as I will have to have it done with my married name.

I'd check this out before you get any paper work in your married name. The Argentines freak out if your paper work has different names on it. All your documents should be in the name on your birth certificate to avoid extra work.
va2ba said:
The US does not recognize US/Argentine marriages?? Where have you heard this. I am planning to marry an Argentina in the next year and a half and it sounds like I need to know this.

I looked into this last year for taxes as I started this thread and it is really not worth it. First off your spouse is not a resident or citizen of the USA so you have to apply for a tax id for them. Then I think they want you to claim their salary. After it was all said and done it was not worth the hassle.

But the marriage it recognized.