Mar 17, 2008
How many houses does McCain own? Who cares any more, I'm much more concerned with how many active brain cells he still has firing - it's looking like dangerously low, normal thought process is WAY down, if you look at his bizarre VP choice (most likely in a desperate "Blind Panic"). SARAH PALIN - WHO ???? Well, let's just do a review of ALASKA'S NEWEST GOVERNOR:

1. Super Hard core Anti-Abortion (even for rape and incest)- an EXTREMIST FOR SURE. First I always find these people WACK and second Abortion should not be wrapped up in politics-it's a social/religious issue, let's leave it there....

2. Geezer doesn't really know this "Hockey Mom" (only met each other once)

3. She's only been Governor of Alaska for a little over a year so has VERY LITTLE experience in politics - she's NO Joe Biden by any stretch.....

4. Her husband WORKED FOR BP (British Petroleum) in Alaska for 18 years. Quite to avoid "conflict of interest"

5. Has 5 kids, youngest one she gave birth too in her early 40's - he was born with "Down's Syndrome" (Doctor's will tell you it gets much more dangerous as a woman gets older - I guess 4 kids just wasn't enough for this little "Baby Factory")

6. A big pro gun advocate, plenty of pictures of her with a machine gun. I guess pro life only refers to when you're poppin' them out, not getting shot down in a robbery or war, Hey, what can I say - "Happiness is a Warm Gun".......

7. She came in second runner up in the MISS ALASKA beauty contest. That's pretty sad for a state that has 10 men for every one women.

8. Her favorite meal is "MOOSE BURGER" - Yep - exotic tastes for complex minds !!! You know, I just bet she's a top notch Wine Connoisseur - What shall it be tonight Madam Vice President ?? STRAWBERRY HILL or BOONE'S FARM.

9. She has a way with words - an undiscovered poet so to speak, her 5 kids have great names - TRACK, BRISTOL, WILLOW, PIPER, TRIG PAXSON VON PALIN..... I mean, COME ON, You still trust McCain to make sane decisions? Lookin' a bit iffy, well somewhat more than "a bit" I'd say....

10. Rush Limbaugh said one of his "stupidest lines" (there are millions) this morning "We finally have "The good looking Babe" on our side". That's the first thing one thinks about about a person that can blow up the world with the push of a button.....

Mavrick Geezer is so hard up to win that he'll basically do ANYTHING !!! He thinks he's going to get the pissed off Hillary fans to vote for him because his VP has a vagina? This is what this Jello Brain McCain thinks in his very childlike, simplistic world - this is pretty scary stuff. My guess would be that a baggage handler at LAX is more prepared to become an "Instant President" than Sarah Palin - what crazy effing times we live in.......
just wanted to add that even the US media seems blown away by this off-the-wall choose - they're trying to keep a straight face but it's obvious they are concerned with McCains abilities at making important decisions... I think we all are......
Dudester-Have to say.....your post was GREAT! Best post EVER on this site. I agree 120%. When this came out yesterday, I thought "Gee, why the Hell not pick me?" I am more qualified than this idiot. McCain really has no idea what is going on. Next weeks convention should be entertaining and can't wait for her to debate Biden. That will be classic.
While it seems an odd choice isn´t it a bit premature to judge? I remember watching the DNC the other day as Biden(I think) justified Obama´s lack of experience(total experience first term Senator, half of which spent running for president) by discussing Lincoln who only had a couple of terms in the state legislature and I believe one term in the house before becoming President.
You could argue a governor of a state gains more administrative experience than a first term Senator. A number of governors have moved to the white house and done a reasonable job, Roosevelt, Reagan, Carter are a few recent examples.
Yeah Stan. Look at ALL the experience the current occupant had and look where that got us. The "experience" argument is obviously irrelevant.irrelevant. I have more experience than GW, let alone, common sense. If you are a McCain supporter, however, that is your business. I can't change peoples minds. His supporters will try tojustify it somehow regardless of who he picked.
Actually, I´m an Obama supporter, but I find this type of one sided, low blow, diatribes insulting and not very intelligent. If people like this kind of crud fine, it´s easy and doesn´t require much effort. I´d like a real discussion on what the candidates might do if elected, that requires effort and an open mind.
Dear Stan, I can only speak for myself but yes, I am being "low blow and crude" to the max because I'm SO pissed off about this BLATANT RECKLESSNESS by McCAIN that you have no idea my friend - Dudester is BEYOND ANGRY !!!. The kind of sh*t they try to pull on us is beyond belief. We're talking very serious stuff here Stan. The President of the most powerful (at least by nuclear weapon count) nation on earth and a f*cking basic housefrau is in the top 4 of possible most powerful leaders !?!?!?! This is an INSULT to all American people.

McCain is no spring chicken - 72 years old with ongoing run-ins with Skin Cancer (a very serious health condition that never goes away). If he was to die in a year or 2 we would be stuck with a VERY inexperienced, totally untested as far as how she can handle this immensely stressful, most important of all jobs not forgetting all the amazingly difficult daily situations a President has to handle. What if there's a crisis at the level of the "Cuban Missille Crisis" and she falls apart - then what?!?!? The Generals take over and we have a nuclear World War III on our hands - they have underground bunkers to hide in, we don't. How does she handle the next 9/11??? How about retaliation??? Would she know what to do and when to do it?? Sure, the Neo Cons can advise her but we've already seen that movie, no need for reruns.

You beat your a** I am pissed off Stan, VERY PISSED. This is a totally irresponsible act by an old confused Geezer that will do anything to win , ANYTHING (screw the country even) !!!! This shows you how casual he is about MAJOR JUDGEMENT CALLS !!! It proves to me beyond question that he in no way belongs in the White House (or The Senate). A guy that sings "Bomb, bomb, bomb....bomb, bomb, Iran" (to the Beach Boys song Barbara Ann) and then starts his frat boy laugh !?!?!? Hey, yeah, making a flip joke about the slaughter and mass murder of millions of innocent people is too funny for me - show's how sick this MFer really is - It's NOT FUNNY AT ALL !!! He's slightly crazy, and I take it 100% effing SERIOUS (there's back street whispers about this - McCain's Sanity level - all over D.C. , has been for years).

I just want to add that since I wrote my original post above I've seen many extra hours of new (quickly dug up by the media) TV interviews with MS PALIN (most significant was an hour long MARIA BARTIROMO interview (NBC/CNBC "Wall St. Journal Report") and all I can tell you is she can talk circles around the oil business/ industry..... and that's about it - she doesn't talk about much else. Throw her some questions about BOSNIA, The RUSSIA/GEORGIA conflict, or the situation in ZIMBABWE and we'll see how well she'll do. give her an unlabeled World Map and I bet she can't do better than 50%.

The bottom line is this - she seems to be a nice lady, a bright lady, probably a good mom to her 5 kids, and belongs in the White House as much as I belong hosting the JAY LENO SHOW month after month (believe me, I don't) - she's basically a glorified House Wife and for McCain to offer her a possible Presidental position shows me that McCain's decision making process is fatally flawed (and so is her's for saying "yes") and neither belong in the White House - we've had enough non-thinking recklessness with frat boy "W" for 8 years.... EFFING ENOUGH ALREADY !!!! What do you want to discuss Stan? A House Wife VS Life Long Political expert Senator Joe Biden??? Is that really necessary? Don't believe it is...... DUDESTER - as serious as a CAR CRASH
Dudester, if you want me to take anything you write seriously you will need in the future to show some capacity for objectivity. Read the title of your thread, enough said.
Too bad for McCain your writing doesn´t reach a larger audience. If you had a national audience you might drive a few million votes his way by turning off people that might otherwise vote for Obama.
There are plenty of legitmate arguments you could make for Obama, why do you take the low road with these nasty personal attacks? Resorting to these types of tatics just makes me think you don´t have anything to say worth listening to.
I agree with Stan. It's not every worth arguing with some of Dude's nasty comments. The most demeaning, in my opinion, is calling her a "baby factory". That is really insulting to women. She has a right to have as many children as she wants. Having several children does not turn a woman into a factory. That was a really retrograde thing to say.
Dear Stan, Why do I take the low road? I'm just following the experts - McCain, Bush, Cheney, Rove, Scooter, Condi, etc, etc - they taught me well. I mean, if you can "out" a Covert CIA agent (Valerie Plame) like Rove/Cheney did because they didn't like her husband's, Joe Wilson, editorial ("What I Didn't Find In Africa" - NY TIMES) letting the public know about their lies about supposed WMD (Yellow Cake) NOT FOUND in Niger (even though Dick and W keep insisting they did) then any type of behavior is now possible and pre approved. BTW, why aren't these people in jail? That's a super major crime (and we know who did it)

OMG Stan, you think I'm silly enough to think my comments are gonna change minds? I know how American people think. They don't vote on issues (unless they're social issues like Abortion or Gay Marriage - the important stuff - lol) or their own self interests, they don't have a clue (too busy shopping and worshipping celebrities). They vote on what sex a candidate is or what "color" his skin is or isn't (wink wink, you know, can't have one of those "dark skinned" people in the White House - good singers, musicians, comedians, actors, and ball players though). America is SUCH a racist country (and that's why I believe, in the end, Obama doesn't have a chance), I mean they were still having lynching parties in the South in the 60's. Look at New Orleans, 3 years later and still a total mess outside of the tourist/rich areas. Of course it is, those there are Black neighborhoods, who's gonna care, not the Bush/US Government.... Let's get real Stan. If it had been BEVERLY HILLS it would have been rebuilt in 3 months.

Yep, AMERICA, a racist country full of non thinkers (not all, just most - over 50%). Trying to change anybody's mind? NO WAY, I'm just letting off steam. I'm on other Expat boards (this one's great BTW), that's were you'll find some of the smartest Americans because they have the good sense to leave the country as the decline continues. Here's another crazy stat for you Stan. 15% of America believe Obama is a Muslim (BTW, nothing wrong with being a Muslim IMHO). His CHRISTIAN ex preacher made that famous statement about "G*d D*mn America" but 15% didn't comprehend that that dude's a so called Christian preacher - I mean, what kind of idiots do we have around us ?. Really, all this stupidity is to hard to deal with. What % STILL think Iraq was behind 9/11 ? But on the other hand, I bet 99% know that Bud is "The King Of Beers". It's REALLY time to leave "Genius Land".

Bottom line Stan is people like Bush and McCain have really screwed up my/our country big time these last few years so I'm just a bit ANGRY about it. It's put me in a position were I have to basically move/leave (at least be out of the country something like 10 months a year) to keep my sanity (this is very complicated and costly to do for me). I have a friend who feels the same way who's been over in Bali for the last 2 years building a beautiful custom home (very inexpensive, compared to say Hawaii, like all things Indonesia). He's had it with Bush and his lies, wars, fascist style ways, etc.

BTW, If you prefer a more articulate writing style check out Big Bad Wolf's stuff, he and I are on the same page more or less but he says it better. I have no problem with that, I'm more street and he's more coat and tie. Yes, do check out Governor Palin and her husband "First Dude" if my writing impacts you in such a negative way, she might just "hit the spot". What do I care who you vote for Stan, America is already way too far gone to fix anyway. I'm not any kind of genius but I'm smart enough to know THAT....... (Don't need a weatherman to tell you which way the wind's blowing) PS They STILL haven't fixed those paperless corrupt voting machines (now it's much too late to get repairs done by 11/04 - not that "they" want them fixed anyway) oh, the whole thing is SUCH A JOKE, can't you see it ?

SERGIO, when a woman has 4 children (which is a lot for America these days. I think the average is 1.5 or something) and gets into her 40's and wants yet another KNOWING that it is much more likely that the baby will be born with major health problems do you think it's a wise move to go ahead and have another child. I'm just pointing out her "decision making process" might not be up to the level of being in charge of 1,000's of Nuclear Missiles and IF/when they get launched. I didn't mean it in a personal way - she can have all the children she wants - she can do whatever she wants in her PERSONAL life. I meant it in a way of checking out her judgement ability when it comes to being the President. I CARE big time about that. Bush made a decision too to invade and destroy a country that did nothing to us and we're paying for it DEARLY with lives, cash, and loss of reputation. These people need to be HEAVILY checked out because the ramifications if they are unstable could be too horrible to even think about. I think after Bush we need/should demand mental health evaluations by top Psychiatrists of the last 4 remaining candidates (2 Pres/2 VP). So, to wrap it up, what she did was very risky and the worst that could happen did, we don't need a Risky President that takes careless chances. WE OWN THE COUNTRY, REMEMBER ? End of story.....