Medical expenses in Buenos Aires

How do people find these doctors? In the past I have referred some foreign visitors to doctors in BA but they have charged much higher prices than are being quoted here - apparently taking advantage. Granted they were doctors at the top of their profession in Argentina. Anyway, please let me know how people find a doctor who will accept them as patients and who charge reasonable rates. Thanks
i live now in a small town in cordoba. when i lived in BA i had medical insurance, but for the last 7 years i have no insurance and use public medical. i have been extremely happy with the public health here, no charges except for medications. i am 76 years old with various chronic conditions. My husband died here three years ago after a long illness, ending up in hospital for last months of his life, using public services. the hospital allowed me to stay with him for last month of his life, and were so understanding, giving me meals, etc....his care and treatment were as through and competent as we had had in US . after he died , i tried to give a donation to the hospital and they refused any. my experience in BA in public hospitals was a bit different, long waits, crowded hospitals, etc, but here its been perfect for me.
My bill at Hospital Aleman was 16,550 pesos and my Visa charge was $20.59....about 800/$....not bad since you HAVE to pay by credit card.

For EMR doctor.
Two weeks ago a consultation about sciatica 16,000 + 800 for the application of injectable
On Jan 2. Guardia at Hospital Aleman. Consult, fulll bloodwork and urinalysis, 2 x-rays (abdomen and chest) and abdominal sonogram. On mastercard: $94 usd. Jan 10: CT scan pelvic and abdominal, on mastercard, $194.