Meeting at a bar on Thursday night.


Jun 3, 2009
Anyone interested in meeting out at a bar next week to get to know some people new to the city? If so I can post some ideas, was thinking maybe Thursday night or something.
If you guys want to meet ex-pats AND locals this Thursday, why not gather at the After Office Party organized by the ClubEuropeo!?

You don´t need to be a member to attend.
Location is at the Circulo Italiano (Italian Club), Libertad 1264, a beautiful mansion a block from Santa Fe Avenue, towards the river.

Thursday, June 11, 7pm till 2am.
Hope to see you guys and gals there!
How about Gran Bar Danzon on Thursday at 10? Anyone have better ideas, im all ears as I havnt spent much time at this place.
Hi LonDagga & Group--I'm brand-new so I would love to meet some folks at a bar. I don't know where or what Gran Bar Danzon is--but I'm game.
I will be arriving to Bs. As. next week. I would love to attend future gatherings-please keep me posted. Thx!
Hey guys

Instead of going to a bar (or even as well as) hope about another Sunday get-together out here?

I had a pretty good time at our last burger burn - anybody wanna do it again this Sunday afternoon?

Same deal - I'll supply the burgers, you bring whatever you're drinking (or whatever else)

For those of you who didn't who weren't here or didn't make it last time, the house is in Vicente Lopez, just north of Belgrano/Nunez. It's a big place and there's room for anyone who wants to come, but RSVP's are appreciated so I know how many burgers to plan on.

This time I am going to put a jar out for anyone who wants to contribute something to the kids charity, mostly because I have some winter clothes I want to deliver next week and I'd like to be able to bring some food supplies as well. Anyone who wants to kick a couple of pesos in the kitty (or even come on the trip) would be helping a LOT. I am NOT going to solicit donations, and it is NOT obligatory in any way!

Hope you can make it!


I am also new here. Got here last Wednesday. Looking forward to meeting anyone who comes out to the bar or wherever.
Gran Bar Danzon sounds good to me, see you all there at 10:00
by the way the address is
Libertad 1161, between Arenales and Santa Fe