Meeting new people- Conversation groups


Jun 11, 2006
One way of meeting new people being an expat (or re-pat) is through bilingual conversation groups, there are a bunch in BA:
Talkarama meets every Saturday at 19.45pm at the Alternativa bar in Puerto Madero (Alicia M. de Justo 1928, next to Cinemark). Talkarama is an open, bilingual conversation group where locals and foreigners can practice their language skills and socialize. Free admission. For more information visit
TalkTime Puerto Madero Looking to better understand life in Buenos Aires? Join expats, tourists and porteños who engage in lively, thought-provoking conversations. Every Saturday at the Coffee Store in Puerto Madero (Alicia Moreau de Justo 1788 at Carlos Calvo). English 7pm to 8pm; English or Spanish (separate groups) 8pm to 9pm. Free admission. For more info visit:
lnternational TalkTime Do you want to take part in a thoughtful café style discussion in English on interesting topics? Join us every Sun. at 5 pm at Barrancas de Alvear in Martínez, on Alvear street and the river. All expats and tourists welcome. Free admission. For details call 15-5593-3849 or visit
Meet and Chat language encounters. Thursdays at 7.30pm at the Havanna coffee shop (in the back) at Av. Cabildo 849 between F. Lacroze and Teodoro García. Come and chat in English in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere without set topics. The ability to communicate or express oneself in English is enough to participate. Meetings last at least one hour. To participate a contribution of $2.50 is required plus a minimum consumption of $2.50 in the coffee shop. [email protected]
There's also another one I should recommend:
[email protected] is a group of people who practice English
every Friday at a coffee shop in Belgrano (a downtown Buenos Aires neighborhood). It's an easy going and
informal meeting, free, just for pleasure.

We have been meeting every Friday for over 4 years to practice our English.

All are at a level that enables us to speak English fluently, which is a requirement to participate.

We like to chat about ordinary things but traveling is our favorite subject.

Every Friday, foreign travelers who are on holidays in Buenos Aires and
are interested in meeting "natives" visit us. This kind of exchange and
sharing of cultures and points of view means learning and developing
for all of us.

If you are interested in participating and can speak in an advanced level of English,

email us for further details.