Meeting Porte


May 31, 2007
Hello. Newcomer to the forum and the city. I have come to Buenos Aires pretty much by myself. I don't know anyone here and am hoping to get to know the city better and practice my spanish, etc. I am trying to find places where I can meet expats and porteños so that the city doesn't seem quite so lonely. My spanish isn't great, but I'm tryingAny advice on where to meet people rather casually and easily? I met a few people when i visited in March, but have been pretty much by myself since I have been here. I am a music nut so I imagine shows from rock to classical to jazz might prove fruitful. Oh and I am 22 years old if that helps. Any advice?
Well, if you want to kill 2 birds with 1 stone, go the the Alamo on Uruguay. It's considered the expat bar, but it's also full of locals.
For meeting porteños and brushing up on your Spanish, try Conversation Exchange, at
For meeting fellow expats, take a peek at Young Expatriates' Society of Buenos Aires (YesBA) at Finally, check out South American Explorers clubhouse, at Estados Unidos 577, in San Telmo. Their website is Click through to 'club houses' and on to 'Buenos Aires'.
Hola, sounds like we are in a similar boat. I would love to meet up for a cup of coffee or mate or just hang out sometime. Share our thoughts about this crazy city. I am also 22 years old from Seattle, WA. I love music as well and would be up to go to a show any time.