Milei meeting with Elon Musk

That's not the drift of the article by Ambrose Evans-Pritchard ( that I linked to earlier this morning but then anybody who has been reading A E-P for a while will know that he does have a tendency to plough his own furrow and he's certainly put up a few birds for the guns this morning. (Sorry/Not sorry about the mixed metaphors!)
Neo-liberals talking up their poster boys who would have thought it?

Certainly vaca muerta has the potential to be a very good earner for Argentina, but Operators and Oilfield Service companies have to take a very big bet on Argentina's future and I'm not sure they're willing to.
Hard to explain that EXXON is selling out from Vaca Muerta..? Multinational corporations will invest were they can obtain maximum returns.

It Defies the intellect why the government spends millions in attempting to recruit new foreign investment. Instead of encouraging foreign businesses established to expand their investments. (Let's say 500 plus American companies already doing business in Argentina). These businesses know better the local conditions and want to get out
A countries resources must be managed for the benefits of its inhabitants...
And this is what you think has been happening throughout the years? Why do you think that Milei received more votes than Cristina, and even Peron? Because things were being managed so well? Why do you think that Milei still has extremely high approval ratings despite the drastic actions that he continues to take? Because things were so peachy?

Enormous, inefficient public companies that hemorrhage cash can hardly be considered resources beneficial to the populace.
A countries resources must be managed for the benefits of its inhabitants as happens in Norway Dubai and Quatar . Milei wants to privatize everything and leave his citizens with absolutely no protection.
Letting the Musks of the world loot Argentina "to own the libs" is the exact sort of opinion and logical followthrough I expect from Mileistas.

I don't believe in ISI or the K isolationism, but perhaps a man who continuously snatches defeat from the jaws of victory while being so high on ketamine all the time that it's looking to increasingly be an FTC issue isn't the the kind of person we should be taking pointers from? Also, it's funny because Musks' projects are literally antithetical to what libertarians claim to believe in; without government subsidies/contracts there'd be no Space X, SolarCity, Tesla, etc.

Apparently suckling at the government teat is only good when it's other right wing grifters doing it
Protest voting, maybe? It would be interesting to see how many votes he would receive if there were a 'None of the Above' option on the ballot.
That's effectively what he was. Furthermore, you didn't answer my second question.