missing shoes


Aug 28, 2006
Yesterday I decided to put on my running shoes but could not find them. I thought maybe I left them at my sister's apartment when I stayed there but she said they were not there. Then I noticed something else strange. My flip-flops were also missing. For whatever it's worth, they were both Nike but not new. The cleaning people have only been in the apartment once that I know of last week. If I had noticed them missing then I could've complained to the renter. But I don't know what day they went missing because I wasn't looking for them. As far as I know, the cleaning people are the only ones who have been in here. I checked my valuables which were still intact. It's strange, I wouldn't think those old shoes and flip-flops had much value, and they are size 13. I guess I'll have to call the landlord and ask if she knows anything. I would hate to start missing a shirt, or pair of pants, every week.
There is a market for stolen items, new or used, especially if they are an expensive and/or foreign brand. Size 13 is not that unusual!!! I suggest you notify the owner immediately. The longer you let it go
by, the weaker becomes your case. Tell the owner you will not allow
the same people back in your apt. Also request an amount off the next
month's rent to replace the stolen items. I am not in the habit of leaving the cleaning person alone in my house. I "hover" from room to room while they clean. Good luck.
"Gearjammer" said:
Then I noticed something else strange. My flip-flops were also missing. For whatever it's worth, they were both Nike but not new.
It seems a singularly useless thing to steal (c) Sherlock Holmes in Hound of the Baskervilles
I think it is a conspiracy.
Well, I didn't steal your shoes, so you can cross me off your list. Just make it a process of elimination. Once you rule out the innocent, only the guilty will remain. I used to play the game "Clue" when I was a kid. In your case, I would guess it was Maria in the bedroom with a plastic bag.
I'm curious to know where this "market" is for stolen goods. In Bogota (colombia) they have flea markets where you can buy the most unusual used goods. One used sock with holes in it for example. Burnt out lightbulbs. I guess modern art has to come from somewhere.
I think the cleaning people are coming again tomorrow so I'll try to ask them if they accidentally took them, maybe when they were mopping the floor. I think the lady's name is Maria. Otherwise, I'll tell the landlord I'm moving out at the end of the month. I don't want to have to be taking an inventory of my belongings everyday. The conspiracy idea, though, did come to mind. What is the significance of the shoes missing and nothing else? There were other more valuable items that could've been taken without immediate notice. One of the windows would be easy to crawl through and the door lock could be picked as well.
I went through the same thing in Central America. I lost my new flip-flops at a hostel. Until I remembered that I left them in the shower room. Neatly tucked under the sink. I remembered this on a Bus in the next country down. I also forgot my shampoo. Don't be too quick to blame the staff and make changes. Just mention that you'd like to find these items and they might show up somewhere.
Perhaps you could use a dog to track the shoes. If you have unwashed socks, used in those specific shoes, you may be able to track the shoes down. There's lots of dogs in BsAs.
For those who don't venture out of the confort zone of Recoleta, there are about 5 flea markets throughout the city sponsored by the city gov't. These sites located in city parks operate Saturdays and Sundays from noon to twilight. The most popular is in Chacarita - Parque Los Andes. You can find many items new and used for sale. From shoes to eyeglass frames....from tools to small appliances. Some of the goods displayed for sale are stolen. Why is this so surprising?
Ahhh... Gracielle, you misunderstood why I asked. It´s not because I´m surprised, I´d just like to know where I can buy a "used" digital camera to replace my stolen one. I'm sure I've walked right past these markets in the past.
For the record, I've only been to Recoleta to see dead people like Evita.
The cleaning lady came and I had my sister talk to her on the phone about the missing shoes and flip-flops en espanol.
It turns out she had put them in a cabinet that I had not checked. It was a cabinet under my printer and the last place I would look for shoes. I was sure I had looked everywhere.
So much for all the speculation. I feel much better now about the apartment situation.Sorry for sending everyone on a wild goose chase!