moses basket for baby


does anyone know where i can buy one with a mattress and bumper? just the basket & inside extras, i am not looking for the stand to go with it.


Tigre is a good place to look for a moses basket and mattress, but they mostly come with stands as well. When we were looking there were a couple of shops on the streets just outside the main market that had just baskets.

You could try a baby shop like blue on Plaza Italia, or there are a couple of shops on Santa Fe at about Puerreydon if you want a carry cot ... but I'm not sure if you would want to use this all the time as the mattresses are usually quite thin.

If you do find a basket nut no mattress there is a mattress shop on Las Heras and Coronel Diaz where we bought our cot mattress



Try looking in Creciendo. They have shops almost anywhere in Capital Federal.

Viamonte 769 - Capital
Tel.: 4322-2616
L a V de 9.30 a 20 hs. - Sáb. 10 a 19 hs.
Belgrano Av. Cabildo 1701 (esq. J.Hernández) - Capital
Tel.: 4784-2020
L a V de 9.30 a 20.30 hs. - Sáb. 10 a 20 hs.
Unicenter Shopping Local 3107 - Martínez
Tel.: 4717-0969
Todos los días de 10 a 22 hs.
Pilar Las Palmas del Pilar Shopping - Local 1144
Tel.: 02322-473227
Todos los días de 10 a 22 hs.
Outlet Bebés Av. Gral Paz (salida Lope de Vega)
Tel.: 4712-5986
Todos los días de 10 a 20 hs.