Moving Soon Is My Salary Enough?


Jun 16, 2014
I will be moving to BsAs with my wife in september.

My company will promote me and relocate me there. I didn't receive my salary proposal to BsAs yet, but based on experience I am quite sure it will be:

20-25k pesos, rent and health insurance for me and my wife.

The rent they will pay will stay in 6-8k pesos range.

I'd like to know if this is enough to live comfortably in a nice neighborhood with my wife ? (she won't work).

I wouldn't like to move there and live a very restricted life and of course I am not thinking I'd live like a rich family also.

Mostly looking to eat outside 3-4 times a week, going to bars on the weekend and take some taxis here and there when it is late, but mostly sticking to public transportation.

I am able to speak spanish fluently (don't know if this will facilitate things cost wise...)

Thanks in advance for the help of this community, it will be very valuable for us