Moving Soon!



Hi all!

I'm so happy to have found this forum! :) My husband and I are moving to Buenos Aires at the end of this month. It's a temporary move, we expect to be living there for about a year. I'm really excited for this, especially because I've never lived outside of the States. We're currently apartment hunting and will be bringing along our two kitties. I'm an architect and am hoping to find something related to my profession to do while we're there. I wonder if the market for the construction industry is any better in BsAs? I recently got laid off of my job here. Anyway, I look forward to the move and getting to have some foresight through this forum!

Hi Bianca:
My name is Cristina and Iam also an architect from Argentina but living in Los Angeles, CA. I have a very good friend of mine who is an architect too
and lives in Palermo. Speaks great english and visited the States a couple of times. Any case send my an e-mail and I can contact you with Alicia.
Thank you Cristina, that would be a wonderful resource! I sent you a message with my email address.
cujodu said:
Does anyone have information about flying out of Buenos Aires with your pet? I know this isn't the thread for that, but I was just thinking someone might know.

If you would like to have a discussion about flying in or out of Buenos Aires here, then by all means! This is, after all, a PUBLIC forum.

But if you would like to discuss leaving BA with your pet (OUT only, that is), please check this super helpful thread! ;)