Moving to BA very soon - Hi everyone!!


Oct 9, 2009
Hi Everyone,

I am from Los Angeles, CA and looking to move to Buenos Aires in Dec or January. I'm currently visiting some friends in Scandanavia through Nov. (It is cold out here). I'm in my mid 30's, easy going, fun and looking for a change in moving to BA.

I got tired of the Corporate BS so I'm looking for something fun here in BA. I would be open to working in a PR company or something exciting along those lines. Anyone have any job suggestions? My background is in Sales, Business Development and Technology but I'm open to almost anything. I'm not interested in anything high paying but something more for fun and getting to meet some locals. One of my main goals is to work on my Spanish skills like most people.

I'm also into Basketball and Volleyball. I love to hike, run, bike and do almost anything active outside. If anyone has any sporting groups I would love to join in from time to time. This site is very helpful as I'm going to try and network here to find a 1 or 2 bedroom flat in Palermo.

Looking forward to meeting some of you in near future!!!


PS. I'm thinking of throwing a house warming party once I move in. I make the best Sangria's!! All are welcome :)