Moving to Las Canitas soon... Gym recommendations?


Hola mi gente!

I"m moving from Centro to Canitas soon (THANK GOD) and am looking for a new gym to become a member of. I'm more of a hardcore type, so hopefully you guys and gals know of a place where the dumb bells don't stop at 50lbs?

I"d like a place that would be better suited for the big steroid muscles types than the businessman who just wants to stay tone. Basically, BIG WEIGHTS, solid machines, cardio bikes, and sexy ladies.

Please, if you recommend a gym, let me know! Thanks everyone! Sooo happy to move to Canitas! On that note, if anyone would like to meet for a steak or some wine, I'd love to meet you. Single women, all the better! LOL.





Any chance you found a place that sells dumb bells? I randomly found a place last month in Palermo (Santa Fe/Humbolt, across from San Marcos) and saw a post on here about the same place when searching this week.

However, I wasn't real fond on the price.

A 5 kilo plate was $100AR and the dumbbell bar was $90AR. So a simple 10 kilo dumbell cost $290AR there.

I know some things can be more expensive in BA than in the US, but it seems a bit pricey. Maybe I'm wrong.