My intro


Apr 7, 2008
Hi BAExpat forumers,I've already jumped in with some posts & a question. So I thought I'd write a quick introduction. My husband is in discussions for a job offer in Buenos Aires. We are really very excited at the prospect of moving. Of course, we have loads & loads of questions! The offer is a good one in terms of career advancement. But our living budget will be rather down to earth and by no means an expat contract with benefits galore and sky high salaries as seems to be common here. We will be in BsAs the week of 21 April. I don't even know where to start looking...
I've enjoyed the discussions & debates so far. So, I'm throwing my hat in as well, if you don't mind. -mini
How is your Spanish? If it's usable, avoid the touristy parts, they will rape you with ridiculously high prices that would appear to be "reasonable" for foreigners in disguise. My suggestion is to go to the imbobilaria, AKA real estate places, to look for a place. I would suggest having an Argentinian with you just in case something goes wrong in translation (hopefully, it's not someone that you've just met on the streets, that is a BIG no-no). If time permits, my fiancee and I might be able to help you find a very nice place at price that is more down to earth. My suggestion is for you guys to check into a hotel, avoid San Telmo like the plague, make some contact with one of the people here and get the feel for the place before you commit to anything. Just send one of us a note PM and we'll see what we can do for you once you get here. There are other places on the outskirts of Capital, if you guys are willing to commute a bit. Places like Lomas, and Temperly, which are REALLY nice if you want a Hancock Park/West Hollywood kind of look and feel, the same can be said about Quilmes.