My new book


Sep 26, 2005
Not sure if this is in keeping with the rules of the forum, but here goes.
After nearly six years of writing, I'm finally having my book published in England.
It's an account of the last six years of my life travelling and how/why I finally landed up in Argentina. I'm hoping it will be available sometime in September.
For those of you who live in BA or have lived in Spain, it may be an eye opener.
Dear Marc,
congrats On the book and look forward to buying it. Giving us the title and publishing house would be a good start!
now all you need to do is finish your second one!
Thanks Auntieapple, much appreciated.
I'm using a POD publisher AuthorsOnline. I'd rather not reveal the title just now, but I will soon.
It's incredibly difficult to get published nowadays, which is why many of us are using POD's like and others. Choosing a title is even worse.
Anyway, I have several other books in the pipeline, but I'm waiting to see the reaction to this one to see if a sequel would work, particularly as I have left a hanging end.
Thanks for your kind thoughts.