May 26, 2006
I first wrote about this Mr. Obama just after he was elected and took a good thrashing from many who visit this site. Apparently no one likes the truth regardless of how it is written.

Well I just wanted to say:

President Obama has committed the worst act of any President for my money. He has placed fear into the hearts of every American living in the IOUSA. He has openly lied to his own people by announcing a National Public Health Emergency this W/E. WHAT A HUMONGOUS PROFOUND LIE. Is this man ignorant or he just can't read between the lines? Or does he trust everyone around him to tell the truth.?

As I listened to him speak a chill went down my spine. I waited for him to tell us where we could go to read about what he was saying. I was not disappointed.

He spoke to the American citizens without any hard factual evidence to support what he was saying. Nada! No data, no references for anyone to check this out. He in fact was really sending out the wrong message by telling Americans to take the vaccine. A very deadly vaccine in fact.

Many young children and even more elderly will die from this rather than the flu or the so called Swine Flu.

In fact there is not a shred of evidence to support that 1000 people have died from the SF (swine flu) let alone 100! The CDC itself has even been told to shut up. In fact they stopped following this so called Pandemic in late August.

Like I said many times folks, here is another extreme example of greed from the top down. And whats more he even permitted an act of Congress to pass making it virtually impossible to sue these B-----ds who make these vaccines.

One of the first to take this in Canada had an extreme reaction to this following the injection and was immediately rushed to hospital with life threatening symptoms.

And, at the risk of being labeled a person who is against the IOUSA we should also look at why he won't allow the Federal Reserve to come clean about the economic policies and just who is getting all those trillions of dollars.

This also is another giant lie and stonewalling against the American citizens.

This man should be impeached, manana along with Bernarke and his other rogues. I have never been able to digest greed at any level.

Sorry but that's the bottom line here folks. Would you trust a man like this with your health, your money?

God save America, PLEASE!
Hey, jedard, I'm going to be you for Halloween. Working on my tin-foil hat right now.
Matt84 said:
Nepot, what did you think it stands for?

And perhaps that's a nickname for Nepotian (the Roman emperor)?


Virtual Catalog of Roman Coins

An Online Encyclopedia of Roman Emperors
Nepotian (350 A.D.)

Michael DiMaio, Jr.Salve Regina University

Julius Nepotian, the son of Eutropia, the half-sister of Constantine the Great, declared himself emperor at Rome on 3 June 350. With a band of gladiators he attacked Rome but was killed by Magnentius' generals on 30 June 350, twenty-eight days after the beginning of the revolt. His head was put on a spear and carried around Rome.

Barnes, T.D, Athanasius and Constantius: Theology and Politics in the Constantinian Empire, Cambridge, 1993.
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Copyright (C) 1996, Michael DiMaio, Jr. This file may be copied on the condition that the entire contents, including the header and this copyright notice, remain intact.
I am so happy that you took the time to respond to this. As for the 30 seconds it took you to find all the deaths credited to swine flu, well just do the math on that one. You sound just like Obama did the other night.

Lets see shall we. I am sure there are some out there that can stand up and say nothing is happening to the good ole USA. Everything is going along just fine.
I note that you do not share with your readers who put out this report. If any American can accept this as truth then they need to take their heads out of the ground and shake it a bit.
Further more you obviously have not see the latest investigative results by CBS after they were turned down but the CDC for the latest information on this program.

What does the CDC have to hide, and why would Congress pass a bill to prevent any American from suing these companies if they fall ill or lose a child after taking something no one really knows what the hell it will really do?

No comments on these? Well at least this is interesting anyway.
ssr said:
Hey, jedard, I'm going to be you for Halloween. Working on my tin-foil hat right now.

Well I suggest you pull your head out of the Latrine first so you can see how to put in on. But this is fun isn't it?
Freedom of expression. I love that phrase.
steveinbsas said:
Which n-word does "n!" stand for?
well well well.
I apologize for this elaborate error. But in case anyone is still wondering N stands for N.