Apr 13, 2010
Hello all...

My husband and I are relocating to Buenos Aires (he is from Argentina) from Los Angeles. I was wondering if anyone could recommend a nanny and or housekeeper? What about an agency? How much do they usually charge? We will be there end of June and living temporarily in Palermo. I would appreciate some help. Thanks.
I´m a screenwriter and Im doing research on domestic help for my new script. For the next six months I´ll be offering my services as a cleaning person. If you are looking for someone responsible, honest and professional you were looking for me.
I got my degree on art direction and costume design so your house will just look like perfection. Plus, my english is terrific. Email me for more references, I already have my clients, expats like you who will give you great references on me

100 pesos--------Houses
80 pesos---------Apartment.
35 pesos---------Just the bedroom

I can also do laundry service, babysitting, cooking or run errands at very low extra cost!!!

Please feel free to contact me for a personal interview!

Valentina Martínez
sorry, I forgot to give you the estimate costs in you currency. It would be more or less

30 usd per house
22 usd per apartment
10 usd if its just a single room

Thank you very much, hope to hear from you, greetings


We have been here for 4 months now and have been thrilled with our babysitter. She came highly recommended from 2 different expat families in BA. Her name is Daniela and her phone numbers are:
Home: 02320-434049
Cell: 15-6483-0243
She lives in Provincia, and takes a train into Capital. She charges 15 pesos per hour plus 10 pesos for the train. One thing to note, she only speaks spanish.
I have a 4 year old who loves her, but know she has also taken care of children much younger.
Good luck!!!!
Thanks RyanB. Plans have changed and we are now moving to BA in September. I appreciate this recommendation very much. Finding a nanny or babysitter is so nerve racking as you know.
Does Daniela cook or clean at all or is she just babysitting?
Once we move to BA, would you be available to meet in person to discuss Daniela?
Thanks again.
Hi Tgutierrtz

I am Carolin from Nannypro. We are providing better baby siitter services at an affordable price. The baby sitters we are providing are very experienced and trustworthy.

Nanny Services
I am British Nanny and English teacher and have recently moved to Buenos Aires and am studying part time at a local spanish school whilst looking for a family to nanny and or tutor for.
My email address is [email protected], I would love to hear from you and if you have already found someone but know another family in need of some part time help I would very much appreciate you passing on my contact information.
Kindest regards