Mar 3, 2009
I was wondering if anybody knew of anyone who needs a nanny? I love working with children and would charge next to nothing. I have been a nanny several summers in the past and just love taking care of kids. I also think that taking care of children here will help improve my Spanish dramatically since children are on such a basic language level. Let me know if anyone has any suggestions! Thanks, Kelly
Hi kwelly, I saw your post weeks ago and thought maybe you -or sbdy. else reading this- would be interested in dropping off and picking up my children (7 and 5, girl and boy, well behaved and sweet :)) from school and keep an eye on them for less than 1 hour afterwards.

The kids attend school in the afternoon, from 1 to 6 pm. I just need somebody to take the bus with them -a nice and direct route (the bus stop is conveniently located meters away from my doorstep and just a step away from the school's entrance). A 20 minute ride on your way to school and a 30 minute ride on the way back.

I'd be happy if we could both benefit by your learning Spanish from my children and the other way around.

Please let me know if you are interested so we can discuss further details.


Hey, I would definitely be interested! I just started working as a volunteer this week for a program called "Voluntario Global". I will be working 3 days a week, but I take the bus, so depending where you guys live, it could work out perfectly. Around where do you guys live and which bus would we be riding?
Hi Kelly
I need consitent help with my kids ; babysiting in the evening once, sometimes twice a week. Kids go to sleep at 8 pm.

Would you please email me back or call me: 15 5018 9771

Thank you!
Yes please get in touch:
15 5018 9771

I am looking for a babysitter - gracias!
sarah, (or anyone else that is looking for childcare!)
i just arrived today so dont have a phone yet, but i would love to talk or meet with you about babysitting/nannying. I have many years of experience, about four years worth of nannying fulltime. also, am trained in cpr, first-aid and am certified to teach english. email me if you're interested: [email protected].
i am most interested in working a couple/few days each week, but evenings here and there would be great as well!