Native English teacher | English-speaking nanny | English-Spanish language exchange


Sep 11, 2019
Hello! My name is Victoria and I am from Arizona, United States. I have my TEFL certificate with a distinction grade and am searching for anyone who may want to take private english classes with a native english speaker, parents who want an english-speaking nanny to watch their children, or spanish teachers interested in doing an english-spanish language exchange.
I have experience teaching students 1 on 1 for those interested in private classes: I will create a personalized course outline for you that matches your english level that we can follow when we meet.
For parents- I have 4 years of experience working with children ages 4-7 in a classroom and have learned lots of activities and games that I can play with your child to help them learn english.
Additionally, if there are any spanish teachers that are looking to improve their english skills, please contact me and perhaps we could set up a language exchange ie. I can give you 1 hour of english class in exchange for 1 hour of spanish class.

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Hi Victoria. Nice to hear from you. We have a kid of 3 years old for whom we would like to have a kind of teacher/nanny to help him with his English. He has some English at his Kinder Garden and we travel often to UK and USA. Are you willing to try? We live in Villa Devoto and we could also help with your "español porteño". Please let us know asap. All the best, Claudia and Sergio and Leon.

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