Nature Walk Saturday


Jun 18, 2005
Is anyone interested in going to the weekend fair at the Costanera Sur and walking through the nature reserve (la reserva ecologica) this Saturday around 1 or 2pm? Rather than set a specific time, ill keep it open until i have a few responses, then i'll post an agreed upon time.
For those of you who haven't been to this area, i'm referring to the area of Puerto Madero thats on the other side (river side) of the canal. It's suddenly busy with restaurants and shops. You'll see the contrast with the rest of the city. Just a few blocks from that, you arrive at the costanera, which used to be the public bathing area. they have a fair on the weekends and its very lively. Right there is the entrance to the nature reserve. Walking time to the beach is about 20 mins., to walk the entire reserve is 3 hours (which im not suggesting).
I would propose meeting at a place with many bus lines like Paseo de Colon, less than 5 mins. from the area im talking about. I know the area very well. i live nearby and go several times a week. Theres several places to eat, especially with the fair. I always go to the same cafe, La Almedra, nice chicken or steak sandwiches at 5 pesos. clean and lots of tables outside with a view of the reserve.
Here are some photos on my Yahoo page. this link should work,
Is anyone up for it?