NBA All Star Game


I{m not sure if Ginobli actually made the squad, so maybe there won't be a bar showing it, but does anyone know where I might be able to see the All Star Game? I was also hoping for a place that shows the slam dunk contest, as well. Any help would be grateful, and if anyone is interested in coming along, let me know. Thanks.


I haven't been able to figure it out. Was checking on and it says that Canal 7 is showing the game, but the Canal 7 website seems to have that information missing. Would really like to find a spot to watch both the dunk contest and the game.


I would suggest to check out "Shoeless Joe's Alamo"'s a sports pub and grill ..address is Uruguay 1175/77 (Recoleta - between Avenida Santa Fe y Arenales)
Their website is Phone is 4813-7324
They advertise in the BA Hearld all the time and it always states, "The ex-pat hangout in BA"..
Hope that helps!