Need a Nanny/ Nursery


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I am looking for a nanny for mornings for most of December who has experience with toddlers and speaks english.
Also, is there an English speaking nursery anywhere?


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Hi everyone,
I am also looking for a nanny or daycare in the area of Pilar. My husband and I just moved about a month ago with our 16 month old daughter. I'm having trouble finding any one that would recommend a "jardin maternal" I have left messages for 3 different agencies and have received no feedback. Any mommies on the forums that can help with this? I checked out the "womens" section but nothing. Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


Maybe... But if you visit The European Club, you are treated as part of the family. What more can possibly be said! Please, don't hesitate to contact the club. I'm a mother too. Belive me. They can help you.