Need an English Teacher


I am looking for an English teacher (native speaker) for my 13 yr old daughter, high beginner, for approx.3 month, twice a week, start asap. Please leave a message her and I will phone or write, or contact me at



I am an English teacher from New York City living in Buenos Aires. I am available starting in February. I have references and teach privately to business people and to families. I love working with younger people as well. Please feel free to contact me.

15 597 803 98


Ivy Markaity/ TEFL certified teacher


Hi, I am a certified English teacher. I have been living in the States for the past 2 years so, although I am argentinian, I have a very good american pronunciation and a lot of experience teaching kids and teenagers privately and in bilingual schools.
You can send me an email to
Hi, my name's Tracey. I'm from London and living in BA until December. I have taught for over eight years and have a high level certificate for teaching English as a foreign language too. You can contact me at if you are anyone else you know are still looking for an English teacher in anyway shape or form. Thanks, Tracey


Hi, I'm Karen. I have been teaching ESL for adolescents and adult entrepeneurs for companies since my return to Argentina in 2004. I have a Bachelor's degree in American studies and Master level courses in Education and Translation studies. I design your course according to your level and needs. I go to your home or work place. My email address is