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Oct 20, 2008
Hi. I'm Zenobia. I come from the United States of America, land of convenience. I just moved to Buenos Aires and have a lot of questions. For instance, I bought an Argentina phone at the Personal store on Santa Fe. I do not remember how I got to the store. I also don't know the store hours. I have a pay-as-you-go phone where you put more money on your phone by buying a card with a certain amount of money on it (I started with just 20 pesos). I was charged for my numerous failed calls to everyone for the first two weeks I was here and now have only 60-some centavos left, not enough to ask a real person where I can buy a Personal card. They told me when I bought the phone that I have to buy them at the drugstore. I went to two drugstores today and did not find any Personal cards. Does anybody know if they actually sell Personal cards at the Personal store, or was this particular store sold out of them when I bought my cheap Nokia? If so, which stores actually sell them and can I walk to a store in Recoleta to buy one? Also, I think I have a kidney infection and do not know where to go to the doctor's. I had so many problems printing the unusually-sized insurance forms I was sent through email that I could not complete the last step of having health insurance in Argentina before I got here. Is there some way to find out whether or not you have a kidney infection, kidney stone, kidney cancer, or renal failure that is affordable for a recent college grad with no job and a life's savings dependent on a volatile and rapidly declining stock market?
Regarding hospitals,

If you are in pain, go to a doctor. Hospital Aleman is 3 blocks from you on Pueyreddon & Berutti. There is always doctor on duty in emergency room (La Guardia). They will charge you for a consultation. I don't know current prices, I assume it may be 20-30 bucks.

If you are completely out of money you can arrange tests later in a public hospital. At least you will get a professional advice and some painkillers.

And you should ask for "Tarjeta Personal Light" not in drugstores, but at kioscos and locutorios. If they don't have it, ask where you can buy one.

Take care.
Same as igor. I have the personal phone. There is a Kioscos at Paraquay and Reconquista. On the corner across from the Meli hotel. The mintues do expire. That sells the cards. If you find a Jumbo store..they have cranberry juice now for the kidney thing.
Second to all already posted, adding only that, should the OP be unable to converse in Spanish, she may find English-speaking medical help at the Hospital Británico, near Constitución station.
or you can go to The Hospital de clinicas(National University HOspital, and ask for a doctor ( necesito consultar un urólogo) that speaks english, inany case you should ask to consult a generalis (médico clínico) that will then prescribe analysis and an will also indicate by written to see an urólogo.

If you need help call to my home tel 4813-1043 and will try to help
if want to call to my cel phone please don't do it in a way that would run out my credit not public phonecalls

15 40 62 91 65
Thanks for your suggestions and advice. It turns out there is nothing wrong with my kidneys. I probably just hurt my back carrying heavy bags or the mattress I sleep on is giving me backaches like the dorm room mattresses I had to sleep on in college. Most of those were brand new, but still very uncomfortable.
I have medical insurance now, which is good.

Coming to BsAs from DC and intending on staying through 2009. I'm full of logistical questions but one is definitely healthcare. I know one can purchase private healthcare in Argentina but the plans' websites don't list pricing. If you don't mind, what kind of plan are you on and what's the premium like?
i have medicus private healthcare. my hubby & i got it right when we got here earlier this year. they're great. the rep even came to our house to have us fill out the forms and go over the plan with us. we only pay about $300 pesos a month each person. i am currently 8 months pregnant and the care has been fantastic so far. we are covered to the tee.