Need to Buy a Car


Nov 3, 2009
I bought a used car for cash in 2007, about a year after I first moved here, before I had residency. There are all kinds of used car places throughout the city. Many new dealerships will have a used car center as well.

You can buy a car with your passport, but you also have to fill out some paper work (I believe it was at ANSES) that gives you a tax number so you can pay taxes on the car. I don't remember what that tramite is called.

As someone else mentioned, more than one insurance company will not insure your vehicle with a passport. But you can find someone who will. I used Meridional before I had a DNI.

Notice also that depending on the age of your car, you are responsible for taxes. You can pay them monthly or yearly (at a discount). I believe the cutoff age for not having to pay use taxes is 10 years.

I ended up buying a 1999 Renault Megane in 2008, hatchback. Good car at the time and in fact, one of my brothers-in-law now owns it (I gave it to him for the price of the fines I hadn't paid hahaha). It's still going good.

I bought a new car about two years ago, a Renault Logan 4-door sedan. It was interesting buying a new car here as I did not pay cash this time.