Netflix - No More Proxy


Not sure why others are having access problems with Unlocator if you are using the DNS from their new Beta server. I continue to have uninterrupted access to U.S. content with Unlocator.

Alicia karr

Now I'm good with unlocator also, but sometimes I get the proxy message once and when I try a second time everything is fine Had to restart my device and router after initially configuring. Also you have to sign out and then back in to Netflix


Would appreciate an update. Is unlocator still working to get USA Netflix? Anything better?


Today I subscribed to Nort VPN taking advantage of their 2 years offer for 79 USD. If you are reading this and the offer has expired, they have a referral program and my link is THIS.
You install an app on your computer and mobile devices, and you can watch US Netflix. However, it takes a few minutes to load the movie/episodes and the first minutes of streaming are very poor in quality.

To use it on iPad you have to specific one out of 4 US server that will work with Netflix, 'cause the other 100+ won't work with Netflix.

The other VPN working with Netflix is Express VPN, but it is more expensive (from USD 8.32/month).


To be honest, there's so much choice in the Arg version that i'm not sure how much more vegging out I can handle.


Good point.
The subtitles can be irritating in the Arg version and difficult to turn off.
And the subtitles vary from feature to feature. Still, it's better than being stuck with just Cablevision.