New And Like To Play 11 A Side Football


Jan 11, 2009
Hi everyone,

I recently arrived in this beautiful city and I will stay for more or less 6 months, and maybe a bit longer. So far I've enjoyed reading all the discussions and ideas shared here on the forum and now thought it was time to give it a go myself.

When I studied in the UK my favourite thing was playing football on a not very high but still competetive level. I would love to continue doing that here, preferably somewhere around palermo. Does anyone have some tips/advice?

Look up Buenos Aires Football Amigos (BAFA), they have loads of games and are a great organisation
Thank you Rachel but they do more 6 a side football on small pitches, i am looking more for a "real" game
PM your email. I'm actually on my way out BA in a few months, but anyway, I've been playing 11 a side for about 6 years with a group of guys that is getting old (kids take their time off weekends now) Some fresh legs would be good for the team :p
One thing though, forget about being close to Palermo, but some of them live in the area and can give you a ride from there to the game (We play either in Flores or Ezeiza)