New book 'Ten to Seven'


Sep 26, 2005
My new book Ten to Seven is available from
It started life as a travel book, but later moved into deeper, darker and more romantic territory. Without giving too much away, as you may see from the cover, that there is an Argentine connection. Available soon on Amazon as well.
I sincerely hope that I am not infringing the terms of service of BaExpats here, but publicising a self published book often takes a great deal of personal input.
Thanks for reading this
Ten to Seven
Sounds like an interesting book to read, when will the bookwarez edition be available?
"Elpanada" said:
Sounds like an interesting book to read, when will the bookwarez edition be available?
Thanks Elpanada. What's a bookwarez?
Bookwarez is sorta like ripped DVDs, ripped music albums only it's ripped books, available illegally for download without payment. A lot of stuff like that is available out there and I for one think it's a positive thing, I've downloaded some books that I would regretted buying very much. I meant my question more as a joke than anything else, the price of your book seems very fair so I'm putting it on my little Christmas wish list.
Thanks Elpanada for the explanation.
I hope you enjoy the book also, when it finally becomes available. I'm just waiting for my first hard copy to approve, then it should be party time.
Congratulations on your book, I look forward to it arriving at Amazon
My new book, which has an Argentine connection, is now available through Amazon, finally:Synopsis:

phone rings.

knows who it is.

has to take the call.

thinks of his wife, the villa, and his life in Spain.

thinks of his dogs, the Finca in the olive grove, his wooden boat; how they had
struggled to get there, the sleepless nights and the worry of whether he would
ever see England

phone keeps ringing, the wind is howling and as he peers through the window
watching the clouds racing past the pale moon, he knows that when he picks up
the phone, his life will never be the same again.
I hope you enjoy the book as much as I enjoyed writing it.
Good news!The book is now beginning to sell.Broken link in previous post