New Comer in Need of Root Canal and Crown in BA!!


Aug 27, 2009
Hello all,

I bought my flight for BA a couple of days back and learned today that I need a root canal! It will cost 2.5k in the my country and a fraction of that cost in BA from what I hear. Is it safe to have this done in BA and can anyone recommend a endodontist or dentist that they know has performed successful root canals and/or crownings. Any info would be extremely helpful. Thanks! Bryce
It would be good to get a private insurance,, and for AR$400 (US$120) a month you can get it done.

After you've become a member, you go to the ER telling that you have a terrible toothache, they will find out you need a root canal to be done, and it will performed as soon as you get an appointment (within the same week most probably). Then you quit the insurance, and that's it!
I looked into Hospital Aleman plans and you can't get anything done dentally for something like 3 months.

Now as sunsetbue has intimated, you COULD try and pass it off as an emergency procudure, but they may also turn around and tell you where to go, especially if a dentist has a look and can tell it's obviously been a problem for some time.
Most "plans" wouldn't pay for the crown you will need after the root canal, but crowns only cost about $400 pesos for a good one. The root canal shouldn't cost much more than that, but even if was double the cost of a crown, your total cost should still be less than $400 dollars, possibly a bit less.
Call my dentist: Pablo Arrigó: He´s located on Thames in Palermo. Tell him that Ronnie sent you. He will send you to an endodontist (state of the art) and then will do your crown for you. His number is 4772-6594. Very reasonable prices. No, I don't work for him. I'm a patient. Had root canal and crown made.

This guy is amazing, speaks perfect english (or helps you practise your spanish), and is cheap! Not sure if he does root canals etc but a good place to start.

Dr. C. Fabrizzio Zaldivar Tejada
Yerbal 2553, Flores in Capital Federal
[email protected]
my advice would be to:
search this site more for previously recommended dentists, take the recommendations above and spend a day just going to the offices, meeting the dentists, asking about how the procedure is done here and get quotes from all of them.

yes, it takes time to do it this way, but you will feel more comfortable once you view the offices. some i liked and others i just would not want to go to. same with the dentists that i spoke with. it's worth your time.

good luck
banderbuzz said:
Is it safe to have this done in BA
I had a root canal here and I'm doing fine. The dentist's equipment was more modern than my dentist in the states. My dentist here is a generalist, she did not preform the root canal, instead she had a specialist come to her office. When she gave me the injection to numb me, I didn't even feel it.

I went to just 3 dentist offices in the Palermo / Recoleta neighborhood to see their office and get quotes. Here is what I was quoted:

root canal: 290 - 450 pesos
post & crown : 900 - 1050 pesos
I had a root canal & crown, cavities filled etc. at Clinica Albertini, Santa Fe 3040, 4826-0200. I've been going to him for a few years now & I can highly recommend him as honest & professional & he uses quality materials. I don't recall his fees, not cheap but not over the top either but half the price it would cost in the States. Tell him Douglas referred you. Good Luck.