New here from the US


Nov 6, 2008
Hello everyone,

I just arrived here this week from the US (raised in Atlanta, but born in Russia), I'm not sure how long I'll be here truly but for the summer at least. I telecommute back to the US for my job so I'm just trying this city out, trying to get better with my Spanish and traveling while I have the opportunity to do so with my job. Would anyone like to meet up to explore the city, and perhaps go on some photographic expeditions? (Photography is a budding hobby of mine, you can see some of my photos in the blog link in my profile.)

I live roughly in San Telmo off Avenida de Julio.

Tatiana, Hi, just a quick question. Is that you in the "Persia" set of shots? Just curious, Dudester BTW, I think your Black and White work is quite good. What brand and model of camera do you use?
Hi Tatiana, I thought there were some really good shots in your "Persia" series that's why I was asking. I'm a pro photographer - Travel/Fashion (not full time though - almost full time - cause I over see another business but I do put most of my time into Photography) and I think you have some natural talent with your B/W work , Persia , and a few others I saw. Unfortunately I'm not in BsAs right now but might be early in 2009 (I'm in Los Angeles right now where I have my own little Photo Studio on my property). As far as lighting, it's pretty easy once you get a handle on it but you need a good teacher. There's a DVD out there that is an excellent tool for learning good lighting. It's actually put together by my old lighting teacher from UCLA ext. If you want more info on that one or want to see some of my work let me know on here. Hope to hear from you soon, Dudester

PS sorry about the slow response but I had some workers over here yesterday and we were doing some work/upgrading on the studio all afternoon and evening.
Thanks Dudester. I would be curious to see your work, if you have any links handy. I was going to go about the Strobist method of learning, they have a lot of followers in the amateur photography online world, but I have considered apprenticing somewhere. Between trying to learn Spanish and working my current job, I wish I had more time for self-educating on this. What's the name of that DVD?
Hi Tatiana, yeah it's "Calumet Bobbi Lane Portrait DVD Set"

One DVD is for Natural Light Outdoors and the second one is for Studio Lighting with artificial lighting. A bit pricey but worth it IMHO since she is just an excellent teacher. Also check out her website - her name + photography I think (maybe just Photo, not Photography) BTW, there's a Calumet in Chicago which, from your shots, I believe you live in or close to. Excellent Photography/Video store - very helpful and carries equipment from beginner to pro. I highly recommend dealing with them - straight talk, mucho knowledge, and no snob attitude.....

On my own Photography work I'll send you a personal message/link with the website later today or tomorrow. Take Care, Dudester
Hi Tatiana this is Lucas! I´m from argentina so I could give you some help with your spanish plus I can get you to cool places as long as you help me improve my english :cool: . My email is: [email protected] talk tou you later!