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Oct 4, 2008
Hi everyone!
My name is Rita, I'm 24 and I'm Argentine. I've been living here in Buenos Aires for more than 4 years and I have to say it's been an awesome experience (I was born in a small city in the province of Buenos Aires, 300km away from here).
I'm currently working and studying (Literature in UBA --> worldwide literature, as we Argentines are megalomaniacs) and somehow finding time to enjoy life in the lovely neighbourhood of Caballito.
So, apart from my love of languages and different cultures, I've become a little acquainted with the expat 'scene' in the last year: I liked what I saw and wish to keep on learning and keeping in touch with the community. Hopefully I might be of some use to the newcomers (and long-time expats as well), so if you need a piece of advice from a fellow Argentine, don't hesitate to ask.
Hola Rita
Sounds like you are getting the most out of the city. We are in search of an apartment in the Caballito area because we are both enchanted with that part of the city. What do you like the most about the Caballito area?
Do you want to start a new thread on this one, sounds a good question to me. How about other areas?

Caballito for me it's Viejo Correo, for those not of the Vampire fraternity Parque Centenario.
Hello Rita,
I just moved to Buenos Aires two days ago. I live in the Palmero area. I studied English Literature in the US. I would very much like to meet someone who shares my enjoyment of literature:)

Escribe me!
JHB1216 said:
Hola Rita
What do you like the most about the Caballito area?

Hi John!
I moved to Caballito to be close enough to college to go on foot, and then discovered it's not only a beautiful place (I'm sooo in love with the Barrio Inglés!), but also that it's safe, lots of buses and two subway lines, quiet enough not to go crazy -unless you happen to live in Acoyte and Rivadavia- but with a big commercial area so I don't have to take a bus to go shopping.

At first I lived in a much quieter, traditional area, very close to the Facultad of Filosofía y Letras and the beautiful Pedro Goyena ave. After that I moved inside Caballito to an apt a couple of blocks from Acoyte and Rivadavia. It's far livelier here, but sometimes I prefer the relative quietness of my former home. =)

Vanessa_SB said:
I studied English Literature in the US. I would very much like to meet someone who shares my enjoyment of literature
Hi! Yeah, why not! I'm a bit busy but it might work =)
In any case, you may find it interesting to visit the National Library (a really impressive building) and the Facultad of Filosofía y Letras of UBA, a really weird place because it gives GREAT formation (probably the best down here) on humanities in a chaotic, free-state-university way. Not the prettiest place in town but definitely worth visiting to see how we get our education.
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