New in Buenos Aires


Hello there, I am 28, Swiss and will come to Buenos Aires in December to work for an NGO. I have never been to B.A. before and it would really be great if someone has a cup of coffee with me to chat about do's and dont's etc...
Hi Flurina,
I am an American with Swiss citizenship,too! My relatives are from the canton of Ticino, (Lumino)....a very beautiful part of Switz. I would be more than glad to meet with you and show you the city. Also, I have list of recommendations I made for tourists if you are interested I can send it to you. Please feel free to email me directly:
Hope to hear from you!


Hey there - I am flying out this Saturday - the 19th. I'll be in Bs.As. until the end of May. i quit my job here in los angeles and decided to go to my parent's country for 6 months. Drop me a line if you like:

i'm 28 - and i used to work in the music industry.