New in Palermo


Sep 13, 2009
Hello everyone! I am new to BA also and wanted to introduce myself. I am Steve, 31 yrs old from NYC. Recently arrived and am running a US based business remotely from here. I am planning to stay a year or more and looking to learn the language and really experience the culture (especially tango!)

I am currently living in a temporary place in Palermo and love the neighborhood. I'm now looking for a more permanent place in Palermo or nearby. If anyone knows of a nice apartment (share or solo) please let me know. Also, would love to meet other expats in similar situation!

I'm in Palermo, too. At Fray Justo Santamaria de Oro and Paraguy. Where are you?
I'm right near you, currently right near the Ministro Carranza subway stop, but only for another week. Planning to stay in the area though. We should grab a beer sometime.
sorry, was talking to mike actually. not too far from you either though...
hey steve!
welcome to b.a.
my girlfriend & i also live in palermo (soho).
would be good to meet up for a drink sometime.
Steve welcome. I'm 32 from Florida and also working remotely. Living in Palermo Soho at the moment and am game for a beer sometime.


Hi Steve,

I'm coming to BA next week with a very similar plan! I'm just starting up a US-based business that I'll run remotely. (Website/blog setup & maintenance, social media management, desktop publishing, transcription, and other administrative services.)

I think I'm going to be in Palermo, at least temporarily, so perhaps we can grab a coffee and share experiences once I'm in town.
Rather than start I new thread, I thought I would reply because, I too, am new to Palermo/BA. My name is Meredith B., 30, and I am on sabbatical from my real life back in Washington, DC, where I am an attorney. I am mid-way through my 7 months traveling through South America and Africa. I will be in Buenos Aries for 5 weeks, living in Palermo Hollywood, and have no plans for this leg, other than going out, drinking a lot of wine, and going to Cordoba for Oktoberfest (October 9-12). Looking forward to meeting a lot of new friends!
I am new in Palermo too, just arrived about a week ago. I am a 27 year old female from Boulder, CO, but have lived lots of places, from Hawaii to Germany. Hoping to make friends here.