New Jobs to BA

I hate to sound like a preacher on this, but playing the cost arbitrage card, especially in the market for technology services, shouldn't be part of the long term strategy for a country or its residents. While the outsourcing of jobs to cheaper countries provides a local boost for those seeking work, the ease and speed at which these customers send their work to cheaper countries will also drive their transitioning out of those countries when it is no longer viable to do business there.

With regards to technology services, as well as other disciplines, Argentina can compete on far more criteria, then cost alone (e.g. timezone, creativity and design). The idea of outsourcing to Argentina is raising interest in companies around the world, but it's up to the foreign and local residents of Argentina to ensure this model remains sustainable on more than just cost a lone.
Great advantages to BA is the time zone and creativity the programmers have to offer. India is played out for most outsourcing. I believe South America has untapped resource for technologies industries.