new/old resident


Jun 20, 2007
Hello to all,I was just introduced to this site by a friend. I lived in BA from '97 to 2001 and have just returned for another stint. I am from Colorado, my husband from San Juan, Argentina, and our kids were born in Bolivia(two boys, 2 and 4). We are now living in La Lucila (north of BA). I love the city although being back here as a mother is much different from when I was a single wild woman! I would love to meet or chat with anyone and give my assistance to anyone who needs it. I miss speaking English!! I do speak with my husband and boys in English of course, and teach it, but on a social level it's much different. I'd welcome any dinners, coffees or socially related activities. One does get homesick here! It's a big adventure for me still and I thoroughly enjoy living in another culture every day. Happy trails to all and hope to hear from you!Gretchen
Hello Gretch,
Welcome back! If you enjoy the theatre, maybe you would have a good time at The Suburban Players. There are many members of the Anglo-Argentine community there. Please see the thread "Lovers and other strangers" for details. The club was founded by four American couples in 1963.