New report by the US state department on Argentina


Apr 13, 2007
Did somebody read it?
It basically says that US visitors in Argentina have to look out for picket-pockers, road accidents, flash kidnapping, theft in hotels and many strikes, delays and canceling of local flights.
Instead of improving security Argentina has responded with critism of the US state. Soon Coca Cola, Carlos Menem, the IMF and the mormons will be blamed for this report.
I would say this report is accurate for first-time visitors and there is nothing wrong with helping them to reduce the risks.
For me personally I don´t think BA is really dangerous but I already live here for over 2 years, so I know how things work here
I heard that the Zimbabwe state department also has a new report out on Argentina, probably a much more interesting read.
Here are a couple of quotes from the US embassy website that has caused all the controversy. The US ambassador has been ordered to appear before the Argentine Foreign Affairs Ministry to justify the statements made in the website. Seems the government of Argentina does not believe there is any crime problem. “CRIME: Most American citizens visit Argentina without incident. Nevertheless, street crime in the larger cities, especially greater Buenos Aires and Mendoza, is a problem for residents and visitors alike. Visitors to Buenos Aires and popular tourist destinations should be alert to muggers, pickpockets, scam artists and purse-snatchers on the street, in hotel lobbies, at bus and train stations, and in cruise ship ports. Criminals usually work in groups and travelers should assume they are armed. Criminals employ a variety of ruses to distract and victimize unsuspecting visitors”.

“SAFETY AND SECURITY: Traffic accidents are the primary threat to life and limb in Argentina. Pedestrians and drivers should exercise caution. Drivers frequently ignore traffic laws and vehicles often travel at excessive speeds. Argentina reported 7,500 traffic accident deaths in 2006”.
I would say it´s spot on, besides for the citizen, he should know better and take some precautions. Like going away from home without credit-card and not having valuable items visable
Walk like you own the street and act like you have nothing to lose. It has always worked for me.
Should we really put much stock into State Department reports? They are after all, an extension of the political machine in Washinton D.C. When this report came out, it was shortly after the Presidents daughters were here for a visit and had their purse/cell phone stolen and a Secret Service Agent got beat up in a bar. Yes, sad but true!Had I not known the report was specific for Argentina, I would have thought it was referring to LA, NY, Chicago, Miami, or a 100 other large cities across the USA. Can you remember what happened to tourists in Miami after taking a wrong turn off the interstate? They were killed! Please....
Look behind the scenes: Argentina did not let some American military planes land here during the President's tour of South America for fear they might break down and be stuck here as happened in the past. Then there was Chavez holding a rally at a local futbol stadium here. And then, the State Department chastised Argentina for both events. No wonder the State Department issued the warning!
The report might as well have been written for:paris, London, Rome, Milan, Madrid, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Brussels, New York, Chicago, Miami, LA, Denver, St Louis, Philly, Dallas, Houston, San Francisco, San Diego, Oakland,
Quito, Mexico City, Rio, Caracas, Sydney, Bangkok, shall I go on and on and on/?????? How silly.
This thread is old. The best advise anyone has ever given me, was to pack your common sense as if it was a page on your passport. Essential and mandatory. Otherwise this report just like the "report" referred herein is o-l-d. Next topic please. :)
Easy with the vitriolic rhetoric. As some have pointed out, a report is just a report. We're all smart enough to understand the politics behind it.
My government doesn't necessarily represent me... and the opposite is true ;-)