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Jan 27, 2010
Hi All,

I came over from England in October, last year and am staying for a year or two. It's been a colourful time so far.

I gave up my job in England to paint instead and I'm currently 'the English girl' at an art studio downtown. I live in Retiro but am moving soon to Colegiales (between Belgrano/Palermo).

The decision to move here was sudden and unexpected after a random job offer for my husband to become a sports coach. I've met loads of fantastic people through him and his work but would love to meet more people independently.

I miss, gossip over a coffee/glass of wine/whatever and would love to talk to others about this unique experience. I have met a few expats out here but all are married to an Argentine, no longer new to the place and fluent in Spanish so even in their presence I feel a little lost at times. I'm studying Spanish at UBA...v v slowly!