New to B.A.


Mar 18, 2010
Hello expats,
I've actually been in town since the end of January, but am just signing up for this after a friend recommended it to me. Seems to be a great site.
I'm here writing a fictional novel, my first. I've been locked up in my room most of the time I've been here, although I did visit the city 3 years ago. When I'm not writing, I occasionally practice my guitar and photography. I started running down at the Reserve in the mornings as well.
I'm 29. I leave here at the end of May for South Africa for the World Cup.
Don't really know what else to write about myself. I think that's a decent introduction. I'll be on the lookout for some events and get togethers on here.
P.S. I suppose I could've tried putting something about my name as my username but, like most accounts, I figured they'd be taken. So I looked out my window and saw my basil plants and hence my username. Can you change a username on here? I looked but didn't see anything. =S
esllou, the writing forum = fantastic! Thank you.

dios..., I'm from Los Angeles, CA.
Hey everyone, I left BsAs last May to go to the World Cup in South Africa, but didn't have enough money to return. I came back to the States and helped my parents out til the end of 2010. I also finished my novel and have sent out materials to literary agents to work on getting published. In the meantime, I'm also looking for a hotel management job so I can return to BsAs.
If my novel gets published, the money from that should certainly get me back to Argentina. Otherwise, I'm keeping whatever job I can find here until I can save up enough money to travel again.

best of luck to you, basil, and congrats on finishing your book!! I hear about a lot of people starting, but not as many who finish. Kudos!