New to Buenos Aires


Jan 13, 2006
I wanted to introduce myself. My name is Joanna or Jo and I am from Southern California. I graduated from college a few years ago with a degree in Art History and History and then decided law school was the next logical choice. It turned out to not be everything I had dreamed of and I left last August and moved to Santiago Chile to study Spanish. I fell in love with Buenos Aires when I was on vacation and now I live here. I am rapidly burning through my savings so I am also looking for work here while I explore the country. I am excited about meeting other expats and getting involved and having fun. Talk to you all soon.
hey luvelyjo:
i am also new to the area, well relatively (last august) and after seeing your posting, i thought i had some things in common w/ you and for that reason, thought i'd write you back. -i was on the website obviously b/c i'm looking to try to find some more english speaking friends here and people to enjoy this city with more. i am also from the u.s., philly, and actually went to law school as well, however, but after practicing for about 3 yrs, got into legal recruiting. anyway, basically, i am here because my boyfriend, who i live with is argentinian. i am very happy here w/ him, his friends, i am working here, etc., but of course, i don't have the circle of friends that i had back home and so 6 months later, i'm very interested in having some more girls to hang out w/. i'm a pretty normal person, outgoing, love to laugh, not much into arts, museums or saving the third world, but rather maybe down the road, having some girlfriends of my own here. *i responded to luvelyjo b/c i thought we might have some thigns in common, but if you're another girl/woman reading this, and something in my email resonates w/ you, please do post something back. (not to shut the guys out, but sincerely, what i'm looking to do is make some girlfriends initially!). anyway, hope this reaches you luvelyjo and regardless, hope things are working out well for you in b.s. ciao!
hello new Buenos Aires - girl. I arrived here in December to do an internship (I am a lawer too... well, there is much of our kind...) in human rights. I can totaly understand how you fell in love with this city for I became a big admirer too the 2 months I have been here.
I am always curious to meet other expants, have a coffee and exchange Buenos Aires experiences!
Feel free to contact me: [email protected]