New to Las Canitas


Jan 9, 2008
My teenage son and I will be joining my husband, who started work this week in Buenos Aires, in two weeks. We will be living in Las Canitas. We currently live in a suburb of Chicago. Any American expats living in Las Canitas? Do you like the neighborhood? Is it as safe as the travel guides claim?
yeah its safe.. you might get run oveer by the crazy drivers on their way to buy polo equipment.. just watch crossing streets other than that.. its safe and you will be surprised how much things cost for the local people here when you see that many things are priced for tourists.. not sure i understand how the natives are managing. thats another thread.
Hi,we're (from Europe) living here since more than 2 years. It is very safe if you have eyes and don't will have any troubles with "colectivos" on Av. Luis Maria Campos :pBut you must know that for a "Gringo" this is the most expensive neighborhood here in BsAs - for living (department) and eating (restaurants). So be carefull with your money !!!If you will need some hints to reduce the living costs (there is a way also for a Gringo from outside like we are to get a cheap department) or some idea for good restaurants let me know. bye
Thanks! I would love some hints to reduce the cost of living, and tips on finding inexpensive, but good restaurants in the area.
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