New to Las Canitas


Feb 12, 2008
Charming, handsome, witty, intelligent, 32 year old male....ok, enough about me....let's talk!I just arrived 5 days ago and I am sure that at the end of my two month stay here, I will be back in the US looking for liposuction and AA meetings. Some questions for those that have been around a bit: 1) Are there some basketball courts around with pick-up games? I would join a gym to find a regular game.2) I didn't bring a tennis racket, but if there is anyone interested in hitting some balls, I'm game. I am around a 3.5 rated player (maybe was a 4.0, but I am very rusty), but have a bit of a bum shoulder that prevents much serving, so it would really be more rallying .3) Anyone interested in getting together for a Boca soccer game?4) Are there any finance/investment types around? Alternative investment managers outside of real estate? Not sure if it's possible, but would be interested in checking out the exchage here.5) If anyone is into food and wants to explore all kinds of out of the way resto's, I'd be interested. I love steak and empanadas, but I'm going to need some ethnic cuisine thrown in there.6) Coffe in the morning, wine in the evening?
Cheers,[email protected]