newcomer 2b


Dec 13, 2007
Hi: I have purchased an apt in Palermo that is currently underconstruction & scheduled for completion in May of 2008. I will likely be retiring at the end of 2008 & moving to BA. I am working frantically to learn reasonable Spanish. Aside from that, any suggestions for a prospective newcomer would be welcome.
Congrats on the apartment. We are arriving in January and were just curious how you were learning spanish - class, tutor, etc. We have looked into a few different course but haven't found much personal feedback. Thanks, Katie
I was just there for a month & took an intensive course at Argentina ILEE (Institutos de Lengua Espanola para Extranjeros) for 2 1/2 hours/day 5 days/week. It was 1-1 instruction & excellent. In Jan I am starting a 10-week 1-1 instruction twice a week here in Seattle where I live. The instructor teaches at UW & does private tutoring on the side. When I arrive back in BA, I plan to resume instruction at ILEE.
I'd second the ILEE and mention, too, the Centro Universitario de Idiomas ("CUI") and Laboratorio de Idiomas (part of the Universidad de Buenos Aires). Some private teachers (I'd mention Stella Maris Garcia, who lives in the centro, for example) are superb -- and less expensive than the language institutes. A combination of both coursework and private instruction has brought me to near-fluency -- I think!
Thanks for that info. You're right. ILEE is pretty pricy. I'd be interested in having Stella Maris' contact info if you could provide that to me.
Gladly. Her telephone number is (11) 4373-7716. I recall that she lives in Calle Tucumán, a block or two east of Callao, I think. She understands English fairly well and teaches Spanish very well, and at a reasonable cost. Do mention that her old student "Robb" recommended her to you, if you wish.
Thanks so much. I will definitely tell her you referred me when I speak with her.