Newcomer from UK!

nicky bingham

Aug 24, 2009
Hi, my name is Nicky and well Im a new comer to this site but not to BsAs. I have been living here since 2002 in San Telmo. I am an actress and have my own company now touring schools worldwide
I am also a volunteer teacher for a large NGO called Art of Living. I teach breathing techniques to eliminate stress and promote health. All funds go to service projects to help people less fortunate than us. I will be teaching a course here in ENGLISH (Microcentro) beginning 1st Oct. It is a part time 6 day course and I simply can not recommend it highly enough. If you would like any more information please contact me. If you can organise a group of 10 or more I can come to you to give a free introductory /taster talk.
Anyway...I had not heard about this site before, so am looking forward to seeing what goes on. Nicky.:)
The art of living? Has anything to do with what Ravis Shanker supports? It would be nice to know more about the course you're teaching. Could you send me more details to [email protected]. I'm quite new to this site but also have been out here for ages.