(newcomer)meeting on Saturday 26


Nov 25, 2007
Hi to all,after the last very nice meeting on last Saturday I will arrange a new one on Saturday, January 26. I suggest for the same time at 21:30 (9:30 p.m.) or maybe a little bit later at 22:00 (10 p.m.) ??
I have two locations where we can go and both are near the "Plaza Italia" en the neighborhood Palermo. So in fact that I don't know how much persons we will be and we will get a table in one we can walk like 2-3 blocks to the next one.For any information please send me a note. Each person from the last meeting will have an EMail in their box :pbye schef4711P.S. this is a personally arranged meeting - not an official baexpats event.
I am new here. What kind of meeting is this? I am from NYC. I have been here for two weeks and I have an apartment in the Abasto area.
first we go for dinner, after we will go to a bar for some drinks :)for coming (confirmation) please send me a note with your email address.
bye schef4711
Hi, in fact that some people have ask for smoking too. I know that many restaurants here don't have a smoking area. But there are some possibilities where we can go.bye schef4711
Hi,every body have a email and a note with the details of our meeting today :pbye schef4711
Hey Guys- My name is martin and I started Expat Connection last year to give expats and Argentines a chance to meet each other and facilitate integration into BsAs society. We have a Happy Hour coming up this Thurs. , here you can see pictures of all our past events. http://picasaweb.google.com/expatconnection Come out join us and meet some new people. Hope to see you there. Martinwww.expat-connection.com
hi martin,if somebody like commercial meetings and "very confidential" in all cases like domain "as privacy hidden", webseite "without impressum", meetings "wine taste", and so on :(I prefer at all private meetings without any commercial background.
bye schef4711
Hi Schef,
I am spanish, 32, living in BA for a year now, I would like to join you for the next dinner on Sunday...do you already have a new date? and how do I know about it?
Thanks and see you soon,