(newcomer)meeting on Saturday 26

Hi to all,after the last very nice meeting on last Saturday I will arrange a new one on Saturday, January 26. I suggest for the same time at 21:30 (9:30 p.m.) or maybe a little bit later at 22:00 (10 p.m.) ??
I have two locations where we can go and both are near the "Plaza Italia" en the neighborhood Palermo. So in fact that I don't know how much persons we will be and we will get a table in one we can walk like 2-3 blocks to the next one.For any information please send me a note. Each person from the last meeting will have an EMail in their box :pbye schef4711P.S. this is a personally arranged meeting - not an official baexpats event.
first we go for dinner, after we will go to a bar for some drinks :)for coming (confirmation) please send me a note with your email address.
bye schef4711
Hi, in fact that some people have ask for smoking too. I know that many restaurants here don't have a smoking area. But there are some possibilities where we can go.bye schef4711
hi martin,if somebody like commercial meetings and "very confidential" in all cases like domain "as privacy hidden", webseite "without impressum", meetings "wine taste", and so on :(I prefer at all private meetings without any commercial background.
bye schef4711
Hi Schef,
I am spanish, 32, living in BA for a year now, I would like to join you for the next dinner on Sunday...do you already have a new date? and how do I know about it?
Thanks and see you soon,