(newcomer) needs advice on shoes!


Feb 1, 2008
Hola expats!I have just arrived to the area from the US (the land where we drive everywhere) and I am very happy to be in a place where I can walk all the time. My feet, however, are not as happy. Anyone have reccomendations of shoe bands/stores that carry comfortable walking shoes that aren't sneakers (aka a bit stylish)? Any ideas much appreciated!!N
"daveymanc" said:
get a skate board or stay indoors
Do they make an ATV version? The roads and walkways are appalling, My wifes heals can barely survive (wrecked one set on our last visit) never mind skating.
Merrells are always a safe bet although I haven´t seen them sold anywhere here as yet (mind you, having only been here two days myself I´m no expert expat).
I have seen merrells, though I cannot remember where. I will consult with my wife and let you know if she remembers.
hi ed i bet its a nightmare for you walking in your heels,dont worry practice makes perfect buddy ha
There is a shop in Alto Palermo that sells Merrels, hope this helps.
Davemanc, where did Ed say he wore heels? You got me baffled there.
he didnt i,m just winding him up bob,he,s a good lad but i dont know where hes gone .????
you up for this milions tapas bar ???
Going off thread again: I would love to come but I am not over again until the 17th, let me know if anything else turns up.